Sunday, March 14, 2010

Remedies through Herbs Vs Gems

Hi to all friends
I was very busy during past one and half month but now i am back. so i decided to write some thing. as many of you know i also did a short gemology course. during few weeks back i came across many stones ,90% of which were heated or treated, i then called my teacher he told me that now adays
its very difficult to find Natural non heated,non treated clear stones as required for remedial purpose ,and if we can found such stone they are very expensive.Some people say that we should use alternate stone like instead of ruby, red spinel and instead of yellow sapphire ,topaz or citrine no doubt some of new remedial experts suggest such things but what do you think that great Maharishi's or the old time astrologers and pandits did'nt know about these stones.
No its wrong, when there were no telescope at that time also they know many things which are still to be discovered or are discovered in 20th
or 21st century. why they describes different herbs for remedial purpose instead of alternate stones. so i decided to do a research in this respect. firstly i told one of my freind who was in some disturbance because of jupiter's weakness, i told him to wear a Haldi(turmeric) whole in a yellow cotton cloth in right arms on thursday morning in jupiter hora. with in few days he felt a positive change in his all things like carrer , home life and other aspects. so i am doing further research to find the effects of other herbs instead of stones, no doubt stones are like I.V injections if natural ,untreated,nonheated but they are very expensive. I am doing research on more herbs to find their result.


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