Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to Energize Stones

Hi to All
Many of my friends usually asks that we  weared the correct Gemstone suggested by jyotishis  and it is non heated, non treated, natural but it doesn't show any effect.I decided to answer the question in my blog to help all the people, the reason behind this is at the time any person wear a stone he has doubt on the seller as well as on stone and he doesn't perform proper rites to activate or energize the stone. One should bye a stone from a trust able person  . And  have faith on God that this will help me by the will of Almighty.On the the auspicious day he should wear the favorable color of that planet,put the favorite perfume of that planet, burn the incense for that planet and dip the stone in its favorite cereal paste or the juice of its favorite fruit or vegetable or herb . Dip this stone for 24hours in that on the wearing day early morning first hora of that planet burn the incense of that planet and then wear it by taking the name of Almighty,  charity the things related to that planet if you do this all procedure and wear the stone you will see remarkable results.


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