Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simple way to reduce Malefic effects of Planets

Hi to all readers

Many of my clients and my followers who does not have time to do remedies for 43 days to reduce the malefic effects of planets or cannot purchase stones due to unavailability of Natural,unheated and untreated stones . Often feel that they can't solve or mitigate the malefic effects of planets .
Today I'll tell them the simple way to reduce the malefic effects of planets.
Its to keep fast on day of planet which is causing harm or malefic effect and opening fast with the things which are related to that planet . Like if any one has got Sade sati or Saturn's malefic effect he can fast on every Saturday and open fast with food made of black grams cooked in mustard oil with salt and with black whole pulse called as Sabut mash . For person's Whose Mars is causing ill effect can fast on tuesdays and open fast with orange lintel (pulse or Masoor ki daal ). further more planets food will tell you in next post.

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