Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nakshatra Gochara(Transit of planets in Constellations)

Hi to all readers
I am thank full to all readers who read my posts from all over the world.i received numerous calls from different countries of world and some of them are also astrologers as well they always request me to write some thing regarding predictive techniques. i have very busy schedule because of my nature of job.
Today i decided to disclose a technique which is found by me as very unique i haven't read this till now in any book may be possible its available in a shastras. 
That is the planet whose nakshatra are place more planets becomes most important planet in life when ever that planet goes in exaltaion or own house or friendly house or trine from lagna or moon sign, the problems of that person disappear for time being and good period commence till that planet comes into position of debilitation or fall or enemy house or in trik bhavas from the lagna or rasi(moon sign).its my observation any one can challenge it i am not a rishi or saint to have divya dristi.


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