Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some techniques of transit.

Today I'll discuss regarding the transit of planets that whether the transit would be seen from Moon or Ascendent.
First of all the most important thing in analysing the Kundali or Transit of Kundali or Dasa is to weigh the strength  of the Ascendent ,Moon sign and Sun sign and then give predcition. The judgement of strength should be by Shadbala and Vimshopakabala.
For transit prediciton one should focus whether the major planets in kendra is from Ascendent or Moon. from which ever the majority  planets is in kendra the transit should be seen from there.
Another factor that is ignored is Argala its very important which is neglected by majority astrologers.
Argala means “a bolt”. Argala on a house shows the influences that intervene in its affairs,
A planet or house in the 2nd, 4th and 11th houses from a planet or house causes primary argala on the latter. Argala by a benefic planet is called a “subhaargala” (benefic intervention) and argala by a malefic planet is called a “paapaargala” (malefic intervention). This simple concept can be better appreciated if some examples are given.
Like if in a transit jupiter is passing through 2nd house from moon and another benefic like venus is passing from 2nd ,4th or 11th from it will  give result in benefic way and if Mars is passing vice versa the support will be in illegal form like for example one person can  get incentive or bonus  in positive way or Bribe or underhand commission in negative way.


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