Monday, December 27, 2010

Bhadhak Lord's Importance

Happy New year to All
Today I'll discuss about the importance of bhadaka sthana and bhadka lord in a birthchart as bhadak means obstruction .For movable signs the bhadak sthan is 11th house and 11th lord is bhadak lord , for fixed sign its 9th lord and 9th house and for dual sign it is 7th house and 7th lord. in which ever house the bhadak lord sits its obstruct either the live relation with that house signification or not fulfill the relation of that house like in scorpio ascendent the  bhadak lord is moon if it sits in 7th house the person will not marry till his mother dies as moon is the karka of mother sits in 7th house so mother is causing bhadak to marriage.
one more example is if a person with having capricorn ascendent if his mars sits in 6th house it means his brother will be cause of theft  to him and  he will be responsible of causing bad relation with his maternal uncle.


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