Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Analysing Moorthy or Paya to Analyse Dasa Results and Transit results

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Today I'll  discuss  a rare technique which is used by astrologers to analyse Dasha and transit result that is moorthy or paya.When a Dasha starts or the major planets changes the houses see the position of radical moon from Natal  moon it decides whether the result of Dasha or the transit of major planet  will good to the native or bad. if the radical moon is in 1-6-11  house  from natal moon it is called as Golden foot. If in 2-5-9 house it is Silver foot. If in 3-7-10 house it is copper foot and in 4-8-12 iron foot.
Usually there is a misconception that Golden foot is good and Silver little bit less and copper is bad and iron is worse but in actual if the Dasha is of malefic or the change of house is of Saturn then Iron foot will give excellent effects and copper will little bit less and so on . On the other hand if Dasha is of benefic or the transit is of Jupiter then the golden foot will be excellent,silver Will be good and so on  here benefic and malefic planets are of Natural  karakatwa not functional. This technique has excellent results in accurate analysis of results whether they will be excellent ,good ,bad or worse.


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